Free Cancer Screening Health Services vehicle Date of update: 13 December 2019

Free Cancer Screening Health Services vehicle

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Antalya Provincial Directorate of Health and Kepez County Municipality have concluded an agreement to provide mobile Free Cancer Screening Health Services vehicle. According to the agreement the mobile clinic will provide facilities to screen for breast, cervical and colon cancers.

Mr. Hakan Tütüncü, Mayor of Kepez, employees of Kepez Municipality, press and members of the public have attended the opening ceremony of the free service. At the ceremony, held at the Healthy Living Center of the Kepez City Hall Building, Dr. Ünal Hülür, Director of Antalya Provincial Health Directorate addressed the participants emphasizing the importance of cancer screening and said that it would save many lives if everybody encouraged their friends and relatives, especially those over 40, to free cancer screening programmes. The ceremony ended by release of pink balloons displaying the motto “Be Healthy, Live Happy”.