Health Directorate Date of update: 29 August 2019

Health Directorate

Provincial Health Directorate

Dr. Ünal Hülür was born in Ordu in 1971. He was graduated from Medical Faculty of Karadeniz Teknik University. Between 1993-2002 he worked in various positions within including the branch manager, deputy director of health and health director of Gümüşhane Provincial Health Directorate. Hülür then served as Training Unit Officer of Health Project General Coordination between 2002-2003,  Vice Director and Director of School of Public Health until 2008. In Ministry of Health he worked in Department of Information Technology, Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs, General Directorate of Health Information Systems and Manager of e-Health Department. He started to work as Antalya Provincial Health Director Antalya , in February.2014. He has a lot of national and international publications. He attended a lot of trainings: Healthcare Management, Performance Improvement and Advanced Training Update, Improving the Quality of Healty Services, Auditor Training Program Joint Commission International Standards are some of these trainings.

He is married and has 4 children